SIRMB Sponsorships

SIRMB heartily welcomes sponsors from industries and organizations who can actively participate in the society activities and support its vision to make it a global success. We offer different types of sponsorships and recognitions depending on the level of sponsor contribution. These are as follows:

Silver Sponsorship (SS)

  • Introduction in the event/conference.
  • Two free registrations of the firm’s representatives.
  • One-quarter page advertisement in an event material.
  • Permanent recognition in the conference proceedings.
  • Recognition of the firm’s representatives at the event,and the opportunity to meet and interact with internationally known figures.
  • A certificate of appreciation from SIRMB.
  • A private reception at the event exclusively for sponsors, event committee and SIRMB board members
  • Constant display of sponsorship and firm logo on the SIRMB website.
  • Lifetime sponsorship fee of 2,00,000 INR only.

Platinum Sponsorship (PS)

  • All benefits inclusive of GS.
  • One additional executive registration for the firm’s chairman or director for the event.
  • Special oral presentation for firm promotion in front of full strength of event’s attendees with no competing program time-slot.
  • One special demonstration display area during the event.
  • One full-page advertisement in the eventmaterial.
  • High-flying recognition in the event program material (front/back covers).
  • Distribution of firm’s information in attendee registration package.
  • Sponsor detailed information on event website (content to be delivered by sponsor to specific event webmaster once approved by the conference committee/SIRMB BOGs).
  • Constant display of sponsorship and firm logo on the SIRMB website.
  • Lifetime sponsorship fee of 7,00,000 INR only.

Gold Sponsorship (GS)

  • All benefits inclusive of SS
  • Two additional registrations of the firm’s representatives for the event.
  • Logo presence on the conference website with a hot-link to the firm’s website.
  • One booth in the event area for display/demonstration of products and services and also to have one-on-one discussion with attendees.
  • One half page advertisement in specific event.
  • Access to event secured rooms for hands on workshops with attendees (to be scheduled according to availability without interference to the event programs).
  • Constant display of sponsorship and firm logo on the SIRMB website.
  • Lifetime sponsorship fee of 5,00,000 INR only.

Diamond Sponsorship (DS)

  • This is a highest level of sponsorship by any firm to the SIRMB, wherein DS will have complete responsibility for the financial, technical, publicity-related, and administrative running of any event (examples include conferences, outreach and technical seminars) approved by SIRMB.
  • All benefits inclusive of PS.
  • Sole responsibility for proper use of the SIRMB name and logo.
  • DS will be benefited by SIRMB affiliation for the period of two years and enjoy the benefits of ‘organization membership’.
  • Featured advertisements in the flyers of event materials, SIRMB webpage, event banner and décor and also in SIRMB newsletters.
  • Constant display of sponsorship and firm logo on the SIRMB website.
  • Lifetime sponsorship fee of 10,00,000 INR only.

Additional Sponsorships (for more info: contact

Event Title Sponsorship: Entails featured advertisement of the firm in all the promotional activities of an SIRMB society driven event.

Sponsorships :for Banquet Dinner, Awards, Souvenir, Cyber Cafe, audio-visual equipment, Printing, Travel, Venue and Accommodation:Entails proper recognition of the sponsor in all program materials and conference website.

Important: All sponsors should agree to the terms of sponsorship and conference details through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under the supervision of SIRMB.The SIRMB event co-sponsors can use the SIRMB logo in all the publications and announcements affiliated to SIRMB society. The rights to the conference name, slogan, copyright for publications, and/or logo are owned by SIRMB. In the event of a dispute arising out of or relating to this sponsorship will be resolved through negotiations between a sponsor and SIRMB. However, final decision will reside with SIRMB and will be binding to the sponsors.

Why become a Sponsor?

Events and conferences are a great way to generate quality leads as they involve people who are actively interested in learning and improving aspects of their business operations. If you are not sure whether an event sponsorship is the right choice for you- see below to reconsider:

If you are interested to become a sponsor, please follow the below procedure:

  1. Select your sponsorships type and deposite the respective fee in to below mentioned account details:

    Account Holder   : SIRMB

    Account Number : 50200030229781

    IFSC Code          : HDFC0003945

    Branch Name      : BHU, Varanasi

    Bank Name         : HDFC BANK

  2. Be ready with your deposited fee details.
  3. click Here & submit your details.
  4. Submit your payment details.
  5. Let's wait for approval of your payment details by administrator.
  6. Once payment get approved, download/print your payment receipt.